Metal drums - Zakład Produkcji Opakowań TARNOPAK
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TARNOPAK Packaging Manufacturing Plant from Jasło is a Company manufacturing cardboard and metal packaging products. Our offer consists of a wide range of products, from cardboard drums, through metal drums and cans, cardboard tubes and formwork cardboard tubing to winding spools for metal-cardboard containers.

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Metal drums

Metal drums are designed for transportation and packing of such materials as: greases, bituminous masses, loose materials, paints, etc. Drums and metal drums can be powder painted (inside and outside) to any commercially available color. They can also be made of zinc plated or acid resistant steel sheets.
Capacity [l] 222530305057
Inside dia. [mm]280298298375375375
Height [mm]350385455320490565

Metal drum design

Side surface is made of steel sheet. The bottom is fixed permanently assuring leak tightness of the drum. The lid can be fixed permanently or removable. The lid is fixed to side surface by a clamping ring with a lever lock.

The lid can be fitted with a filler hole the diameter of 190 mm closed with a cover, or with a holed the diameter of approximately 52 mm closed with a special plastic plug.
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